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How to Create Stylish Fonts on Your Instagram Stories, Bio and Captions

Fonts for Instagram
30 Jun  lens3 min read star_rate

Have you ever felt bored with fonts on Instagram? Not everyone feels it but maybe you are one of them. Fonts on Instagram are limited, but you can use additional applications to make your Instagram bio, captions and stories more interesting.

There is one application that I think is good to try, that application is the "Ig Fonts", this application was developed by the developer Segrok Kroto from Indonesia, this application provides 90+ fonts for stories and 27 types of fonts for bio or captions. With a custom editor that is similar to the default Instagram, it is very user-friendly.

To use it in your story, select the story menu then select fonts and write something then click the checkmark, you can add more than 1 text and typeface. If you want to add more than one image, this ig fonts application can also do it. You can also change the background with the default Instagram color or photos from your gallery.

There is an interesting feature for me that is being able to search for images from unsplash.com and then use them as your background stories, that's cool!

For bio fonts or captions you can create unique fonts such as italics, Latin letters, bold letters, square letters, circle letters, and many more. Type something in the input box then select the type of font you want then click the copy and paste icon in your Instagram bio or photo caption. Besides Instagram, you can also paste in other applications such as TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, etc. If you want to use the text repeatedly there is a save text menu which is very helpful.

This ig fonts application also has the feature of generating relevant hashtags with details on the number of posts and likes on Instagram, the numbers are not entirely accurate but are close to the data on Instagram. This feature really helps you get more impressions to other users so that it speeds up getting followers.

The last feature in this application is Repost or it can also be used as a post downloader. those are all cool features in ig fonts app, you should try it.

Download it now on google play :

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